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Trompe l'Oeil

"The Lily Violin"by Ana Bianchi is part of the Painted Quartets exhibition (2009) which honoured Haydn, the ‘father of the string quartet’ with 20 violins, violas and cellos like you’ve never seen before. Leading artists from Cheltenham and around the UK were joined in this project by figures from the world of politics, design and music. www.cheltenhamfestivals.com

In April 2009 she exhibited at Gallery 27, Cork Street in a double show with Cornish artist Caroline Delevingne. In May 2009 she had a solo show at the St Giles Street Gallery in Norwich. She was one of the artists selected for the ING Discerning Eye Exhibition held at the Mall Galleries in November 2009. She has been included in a book by Jacob Sutton "British Art Now" and she exhibits regularly at Art London, the London Art Fair, Islington and the 20/21 British Art Fair at the Royal Academy.

Her work can be seen at the Moncrieff Bray Gallery; theFlint Gallery; the Mark Jerram Gallery and the British Art Portfolio.


Chair Back - Back SOLD

The Lily Violin - Front
To be auctioned at the 2010 Cheltenham Music Festival

The Lily Violin - Front Side
To be auctioned at the 2010 Cheltenham Music Festival

Autumn Chair - Back SOLD

Karen's Pot
Oil on canvas panel NFS
The Lily Violin - Back
To be auctioned at the 2010 Cheltenham Music Festiva


Autumn Chair - Front SOLD
Autumn Chair - Detail

Ana Bianchi ~ Tel: 01285 750379 ~ Studio/Mobile: 07785 931021 ~ Email: exhibition@anabianchi.com